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Welcome to Proliance Eastside ENT

Proliance Eastside ENT is an esteemed group of Board Certified ENT doctors serving the state of Washington. We have been helping patients for nearly 40 years at our greater Seattle area locations in Kirkland and Redmond. Providing you with delicate, gentle ear, nose and throat care is our mission. We value the opportunity to treat patients of all ages, ranging from infants to seniors.

ENT Services



Nasal Obstruction

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Voice and Swallowing Problems


Sleep Apnea

Head and Neck Surgery


Sinus and Nasal Conditions

Enjoys evaluating and treating a wide range of outpatient, non-surgical ENT Conditions of All age groups.

What our patients are saying

  • "I have enjoyed being Dr. Dawson's patient for several years. He is attentive and has a true concern for my ENT health." - Andrew

  • "I appreciate that Dr. Dawson takes the time needed to give the best care to each patient." - Anonymous

  • "Dr. Dawson was very thorough in explaining the possible cause of the concerns we saw him for. The use of visual aids helped us understand better what it going on in our son's throat. He approached our son in playful manner for examination, which made our son willingly cooperate." - Ethan

  • "Dr. Dawson had great bedside manner and seemed to really listen. He also gave good options and took my opinions and experiences into consideration." - Anonymous

  • "The entire staff is very professional and always very helpful with scheduling regular, pre-surgery and follow up surgical appointments. Definitely a great team!" - Kaylee

  • "Absolutely love Dr. Dawson. Quality of care provided was excellent with surgery performed and post-results was excellent. I seriously couldn't be happier with the level of care I received. I have and will continue to highly recommended Dr. Dawson to others. Thank you!!" - Jordan

  • "I love everybody in this office. It feels like coming home to a warm welcome every time I step through the door." - Anonymous

  • "Dr. Heydt has a great bedside manner. I like that she is direct and straight forward and took excellent care of me." - Sharon

  • "My surgery and the subsequent office visits were life-changing. I am so pleased that I was referred to this office. They assisted me in a timely and thorough manner." - Margaret

  • "Dr. Heydt is a great doctor; kind and caring. I feel very comfortable for her to check my problems. Great to have her caring of me." - Anthony

  • "I loved my doctor she made me feel good about my up coming surgery. She educated me on thyroid cancer and how easy it was going to be to treat and really put me at ease. She was very very nice and has great bedside manner. I thought she was great!!!!" - Vearlene

  • "I would and will recommend Dr. Young to any friend or family member with ENT issues. He is kind, listened to my questions, gave me clear answers and explained the procedure carefully. He asked for my input about his recommended plan and if it was OK with me. He also asked me if I had any questions. I trust Dr. Young and I appreciate him taking the time to see me and make sure all of my questions were answered." - Malcolm

  • "Excellent visit. The doctor was very knowledgeable, thorough, used my time wisely, and the staff is amazing." - Richard

  • "Dr. Young took the time not only to explain the process of my daughters tonsillectomy to me, but he also explained to my daughter the before , during and after process." - SiMora

  • "Dr. Young is always through and gentle during exams. He answers all my questions when discussing the treatment options." - Anonymous

  • "I was most impressed with Dr. Heydt’s bedside manner, she takes the time to thoroughly explain surgical procedures and the expected pros and cons associated with it." - Mike

  • "As a sonographer, my expectations of doctors are very high. I highly recommend Dr. Heydt to any individual based on her experience, expertise knowledge, kindness and skilled hand." - Shannon

  • "Dr. Jennifer Heydt is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help. She clearly explained all my choices to best relieve my sinus troubles. Her staff were extremely helpful scheduling my surgery, follow-up appointments and quickly confirming my insurance coverage. I always felt safe, well informed and well taken care of. I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Heydt and her wonderful team." - Kelly

Hearing and Hearing Loss

Do you, or a family member have a hearing concern? Approximately 48 million American adults report some degree of hearing loss. About two to three of every 1,000 children in the U.S. are born with a detectable level of hearing loss. B,C One in six U.S. adults aged 18 and older report trouble hearing. Why is hearing […]

Seattle Met Top Doctors 2020

We’ve done it again, and all Proliance Eastside ENT providers made the Seattle Met Magazine 2020 Top Doctors list: Steven M. Dawson, MD, Jennifer L. Heydt, MD, Natalie P. Higgins, MD, Wm. Greg Young, MD, and Jeffrey M. Robin PA-C. The winners are voted on by peers in the field, prompted with the question “If […]