Dr. Pinczower is knowledgeable, thorough and patient

Overall my experience with Dr. Pinczower & Proliance Eastside ENT has only been positive. Scheduling appointments has been very helpful and efficient at critical times. The team was able to get me in within hours the same day.

Dr. Pinczower is knowledgeable, thorough and patient, asking follow-through questions to make sure instructions are well understood. Earlier this year I suffered from a sudden hearing loss issue, losing complete hearing in my left ear – very scary!

I called Dr. Pinczower’s office and was able to see him within 3 hours. Through early diagnosis and treatment, I experienced a complete recovery within a week. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Pinczower & Proliance Eastside ENT team.
– Jon Roskill

Dr. Jennifer Heydt is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help.

Dr. Jennifer Heydt is extremely knowledgeable and always eager to help. She clearly explained all my choices to best relieve my sinus troubles. I decided to have sinus surgery. Her staff were very helpful scheduling my surgery, follow-up appointments and quickly confirming my insurance coverage.

The day of surgery and preparation was extremely smooth. The staff at the Proliance Surgery Center were efficient and knowledgeable. They made my transition from admitting to recovery easy. I always felt safe, well informed and extremely well taken care of.

After the surgery, I can finally breath better and have less sinus infections. Because of my increase sense of smell, I can enjoy my husband’s delicious meals more and appreciate the smell of spring time flowers.

I can confidently say I highly recommend Dr. Jennifer Heydt and her wonderful team. Thank you!

– Kelly Grenner

I highly recommend Dr. Heydt to any individual

As a sonographer working in the field and now development side of ultrasound I interact with many OtolaryngologyI (ear, nose, throat) physicians around the world. So my expectations of knowledge and care are set very high.

After finding a lesion on my thyroid and two “highly suspicious” biopsies I decided to seek expertise advice. I was referred to Dr. Jennifer Heydt at Proliance Eastside ENT by a friend who was formally under her care. What I appreciated when meeting Dr. Heydt is her thoroughness in reviewing my ultrasound, blood work and biopsy results.

She provided me with clear options and my final decision was to move forward with surgery. At the surgical center Dr. Heydt once again gave me confidence as she discussed each step with me and I was prepared for the outcome.

The staff was also amazing and provided additional clarity of the surgery and their specific roles in supporting Dr. Heydt. My recovery was very fast and with a post-opt of 5 months have returned to all normal activity and my surgical incision is barely visible. Thank You Dr. Heydt! I would highly recommend Dr. Heydt to any individual based on her experience, expertise knowledge, kindness and skilled hand.

– Shannon Fox

Dr. Heydt is an excellent, highly skilled surgeon

Dr. Heydt is an excellent, highly skilled surgeon that I would highly recommend to anybody requiring or contemplating surgery. I had absolutely no complications with my surgery and healed very well. I was most impressed with Dr. Heydt’s bedside manner which seems to be missing with most doctors today.

Whereas most doctors seem to rush patients through an appointment to maximize their revenue stream, that is simply not the case with Dr. Heydt as she cares enough about her patients to take the time to thoroughly explain surgical procedures and the expected pros and cons associated with the surgical procedure.

As an added bonus, I was also quite pleasantly surprised to learn that Dr. Heydt has a (quite unexpected) great sense of humor that is unusual for surgeons and puts one at ease immediately.

– Mike Wilmouth

I have been going to Dr. Pinczower for twenty years now

I have been going to Dr. Pinczower for twenty years now, and I am so grateful for his services! I suffer from chronic sinusitis, and it has been challenging, both physically and emotionally. I’ve been to dismissive and impatient doctors before, and it was such a welcome relief to encounter Dr. Pinczower. He asked me questions and really listened to the answers, and I never felt rushed, but instead nurtured.

Everything at his office is done in a manner that is efficient, friendly, and welcoming. I have always felt considered and valued there, both as a patient and as a person.

– Mitch Freedman