Rhinoplasty overview

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common and one of the most complex procedures performed in facial plastic surgery.  It can be purely to change the appearance of your nose (cosmetic), or to improve your breathing (functional), or a combination of both.   The nose is a very visible facial feature, which should be aesthetically pleasing, and functional, allowing you to breathe easily.   Most patients will be able to have their breathing improved and their appearance improved during the same procedure.

In select cases, the reshaping can be done nonsurgically with filler injections.  For most patients, surgical intervention must be done to allow for maximal results.  Rhinoplasty can be done for tip refinement, to remove a bony hump, narrow the nose, or to improve your breathing.

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What to expect during and after rhinoplasty procedures

Most cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeries will take around 2 hours.  This may be longer, depending on the complexity of the surgery, particularly if you have already had a previous rhinoplasty.  Most of our procedures are done in an outpatient surgery center while you are asleep with a general anesthetic.  This is the safest and most comfortable approach for you.

Typical recovery time is one to two weeks.  Although you will be feeling well within the first couple of days, you will have some bruising under the eyes which may take up to two weeks to resolve.  However, swelling may take months to resolve completely and your nose may take up to one year to achieve its final shape.