Browlift overview

With aging, there tends to be a descent of muscle, fat and skin of the face.  As the skin and muscles of the forehead begin to lose their strength, the eyebrows can become heavy, and begin to droop.  This can result in a sad, tired or angry appearance.  It can also contribute to wrinkling across the forehead and between the eyes.  In some cases, drooping of the eyebrows can impair your peripheral vision as well.  A browlift is a good option to reposition the eyebrows, giving a more youthful and refreshed look, and restore your peripheral vision.  Browlifts can often be overdone, resulting in a surprised look.  We prefer a subtle, more natural appearance.  Many browlifts are done at the same time as an eyelid procedure and/or a facelift.


There are many variables to consider when deciding how to best approach surgical correction of brow position.  The position of your hairline, the presence of wrinkles in your forehead, and whether you are male or female all play a role in deciding your best surgical option.  Incisions can be placed behind the hairline, at the hairline, or even in the skin of the forehead.  Newer endoscopic techniques allow for multiple small incisions behind the hairline which are well hidden.  We will discuss the best approach for you.

What to expect if you’re having browlift surgery

Most browlifts take between one and two hours of surgery, and can be done in the office, or in an outpatient surgery center.  You will be able to go home the same day.  You will have a bandage in place on your forehead which will be changed the next day in the office.  At that time, you will be given an elastic bandage to wear around your head for the next week.  Recovery time is usually one to two weeks.  You will feel well within the first two or three days, but will have some bruising which may take up to two weeks to resolve and swelling which may take a couple of months to resolve.